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Are you worried about hearing loss or just interested in improving your hearing? Would you like to work with a professional, straightforward, informative audiologist in White Hall, AR, who can help you discover the root of your hearing loss? Southern Arkansas Audiology offers various audiology services, including diagnostic hearing evaluations and state-of-the-art hearing aid products.

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Our Audiology Services Include:

Otoscopy & Tympanometry

Before any hearing assessment in the office, we will take a peek inside your ears. Otoscopy is done with a specialized tool that lights up and magnifies the inside of the ear. This provides a visual inspection so your audiologist can determine if there are any foreign objects in your ears or signs of infection or irritation. After an otoscopic exam, the next test that your audiologist will use is called immittance testing. Another more common term for immittance testing is tympanometry. This test is a valuable tool to test the movement and function of the eardrum and middle ear. This test can be beneficial in determining if there could be fluid or infection in the middle ear.

Diagnostic Hearing Assessments & Hearing Screenings

Whether you need a hearing screening for work or school or even a full diagnostic test, we provide a thorough multi-part assessment to determine the level of hearing. A diagnostic hearing assessment typically consists of pure tone testing via air conduction, bone conduction, and speech testing. This is an assessment of tones ranging from low pitch to high pitch. During a hearing assessment, we are also looking to determine whether there is a hearing loss and, if so, what kind. If it is deemed necessary, based on the test results, a referral to another specialist may occur to determine if other treatment or testing is needed. We are also testing your ability to hear speech information. While pure tone testing is essential in diagnosing and treating hearing loss, word recognition testing provides information on how our ears and brain work together to process and understand words.

Custom Earmolds/Products

We also offer a variety of custom solutions for ear and hearing protection.

  • Swimmer’s ear plugs: Has your child or family member ever been a victim of a swimmer’s ear or an outer ear infection? Often this may occur due to water from the lake or ocean getting trapped inside the ear, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. We can make custom swim plugs to wear while in the water to keep this bacteria-filled water from getting in the ears.
  • Hearing protection: In the natural state, we love to spend our time outdoors. For many of us, this often involves recreational shooting or hunting. Firearms are very loud and can be damaging to our hearing, especially without the use of hearing protection. We offer simple custom earplugs that can be worn to block all sounds or filtered earplugs that let speech information be heard. Some are even electronic with amplification to ensure you still hear those ducks or the crunch of leaves in the distance.
  • Custom ear molds: for AirPods/other earbuds or even in-ear monitors.

Industrial/Hearing Conservation Testing

Our audiologist also provides hearing assessment for industrial and manufacturing settings. Dr. Wethington has a certification for hearing conservation supervision provided by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Hearing Aid Batteries

We also provide batteries for sale in our office. We often hear complaints that batteries purchased at big box stores tend to last less than expected or cause intermittent issues in hearing aids. Our batteries are always fresh and arrive directly from the manufacturer.

We offer all hearing aid battery sizes: 10, 13, 312, and 675.

Audiology services in White Hall, AR

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing consultation in White Hall, AR


There are so many options out there for hearing aid technology and it is constantly changing. The first step in any hearing consultation is typically a hearing assessment. When recommending appropriate hearing aids, we first need to know if you are a candidate for hearing aids and if so, what type. Our audiologist helps make the process easier by showing examples of types of hearing aids and making recommendations on which best fit your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you decide what style of hearing best fits your lifestyle and needs, the next step is the hearing aid fitting. During a hearing aid fitting, your audiologist will help guide you on what to expect with hearing aids. We will fit and adjust your hearing aids based on your hearing assessment results. We use Real Ear measurement technology to ensure the hearing aids are meeting your hearing needs. We also want to ensure you are comfortable with your new hearing aids. Learning new things can be overwhelming, so we try to make finding new hearing aids straightforward.

New hearing aids can take time to adjust; this can take a month or longer for most people. It is rare for patients to adjust to their hearing aids entirely within the first week of wearing them.

Hearing aid fitting in White Hall, AR

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