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Southern Arkansas Audiology is committed to providing the best patient care. We provide high-quality hearing aids and audiology services to patients throughout White Hall, AR, and surrounding areas. Our audiologist works hard to assist you with all your audiological needs and answer any questions you may have.

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Which Hearing Aid Style
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Picking the appropriate hearing aids can be confusing. Dr. Kristyn Wethington will help you find hearing aids that complement your comfort and lifestyle. Once a diagnostic hearing evaluation is completed, we will uncover the cause of your hearing loss and find an individualized care plan.

Hearing aids are available in many different sizes, styles, and prices thanks to advancements in digital technology and the miniaturization of internal components. Today’s digital hearing aids are typically offered at various technology levels, such as basic, entry, advanced, or premium.

When selecting a style, the following is considered:
  • The degree of hearing loss (power requirements)
  • Manual dexterity and visual abilities
  • Patient budget
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin sensitivities
  • Anatomical/medical considerations
  • Lifestyle and listening needs
  • Styles of hearing aids

In the Ear Models (ITE)

In the Ear models are custom-fit, based on a cast or impression of the ear to ensure maximum comfort. Southern Arkansas Audiology offers several styles, all customizable with different skin tones to help camouflage the outer ear. There are several styles – each is listed below, ranging from smallest to largest.

In the ear hearing aid in White Hall, AR

Invisible in Canal (IIC)

IIC instruments are specifically designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are the smallest custom style and sit invisibly in or past the second bend of the ear.

Completely in Canal (CIC)

They fit mild-to-moderate hearing losses and offer high cosmetic appeal, as they’re nearly invisible when worn. CIC instruments fit deeply and entirely within the ear canal.

In the Canal (ITC)

ITC instruments fit mild and moderate hearing losses. This instrument sits in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them one of the most comfortable options. ITC hearing aids can have a host of additional features, including:

  • Longer battery life
  • Directional microphones
  • Volume controls

Full Shell in the Ear (ITE)

The ITE instrument is a fantastic choice for a hearing aid whether you have mild or severe hearing loss. Full-shell models sit flush within the entire ear bowl. Their size offers plenty of benefits and additional features, including:

  • Additional controls
  • Directional microphones
  • Larger battery
  • Larger receiver

Behind the Ear Models

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models sit behind or on the outer ear, with tubing/wiring that routes sounds down into the ear and connects to an ear tip or earmold to secure them in the ear canal. Whether you want your skin tone, a chrome color, or other funky designs that fit your style, BTEs are very customizable. There are several styles – each listed below.

Behind the ear hearing aid in White Hall, AR

Mini BTE with Slim Tube & Tip

Mini BTEs are designed to hide behind the outer ear, have thin tubing/wiring, and have a soft tip that sits in the ear but doesn’t occlude it. Amplified sound enters through the tip, resulting in a natural feeling of airflow and sound entering. Known as “open fitting,” Southern Arkansas Audiology recommends this instrument for mild-to-moderate high-frequency losses.

Receiver in ear (RIC)

RIC models are similar to mini BTEs. Similar to the mini BTE, the RIC has the speaker of the instruments incorporated in the ear tip rather than the instrument’s main body. Southern Arkansas Audiology recommends RIC instruments for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.

BTE with Earmold

Make your BTE model the most comfortable with an earmold. The longer shape follows the contour behind the outer ear and can house many features, including volume control and program buttons. Southern Arkansas Audiology recommends this model for all types of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

Partnered in Care with Top Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Southern Arkansas Audiology is proud to work with cutting-edge hearing aid technology manufacturers. When it comes to hearing loss, you require a device you can depend on to perform at its best. Our team carries products from Oticon Hearing and Starkey. Let our audiologist work with you to find the product that meets your needs, no matter your budget, lifestyle, or type of hearing loss.

We provide custom hearing solutions. Contact us at 870-247-8800 to get started today!

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